1. The best thing about working in this Industry are the friends I have made over the years and to see and enjoy their progression as well as my own, we all get older together!

  2. Customers stay loyal if you treat them with respect and where ever possible keep the mantra “customer is king”. There are many challenges in West African logistics and I have always tried to go the extra mile where ever possible, tell the truth about my customers shipments and think outside of the box,  if the airport is closed for imports then we look at alternative methods of clearing to keep our customers freight moving in times of crisis. 

  3.  By travelling extensively in Africa, by being in the cargo sheds, seeing the ramp activity, flying on charter planes, visiting Plants, Factories, Oil Wells, Mines, Refineries, Cement Works, Flour and Sugar mills, Bottling plants, Farms, Hotels, Fashion houses, Telecoms and Computing Giants, Car Manufacturers, to name just a few… I have firsthand knowledge of what happens on the ground and understand my customer’s needs, environment and terrain – You cannot understand the customer unless you see what they face day to day. It is with this experience I have grown my customer network over many years and my clients have stayed loyal to someone who is loyal to them.

Enjoying the challenge is paramount – Inspiring others and working to give something back to Africa | The continent that has given me my living – I give thanks with gratitude.