Explosive Cartridge- Germany to Nigeria

Project Info

Nobody in Germany could move this item, every airline and agent turned it down, due to the hazardous nature of the explosive cartridge (1.4s UN 0323). The consignee was in desperate need of this critical part.


Nigerian Private Jet Company



Project Year



Air freight

Freight weight

2.8 kgs

Project Head

Donna Aldridge

Project Description

The client came to Vapour Logistics via recommendation, and although it was challenging, we found a solutions via direct drive collection from Germany to Paris, adhering to strict ADR rules from the supplier, and acceptance by Air France Paris to Lagos, having obtained end user certification and permission to operate from Air France in Lagos and Air France in Paris.
Being part of the AOG GROUP – we know that when there is a will there is a way! Whilst many others turned down this opportunity, we thrive off helping those with even the most complex airfreight needs.

With thanks to our partners at Exaciel France, we found a solution and also have one extremely happy client! A job well done by all involved.

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